today update payspree

Hi everybody..

I wanted to let everyone know that we have
now added the campaign tracking feature.

This enables you to track the performance of
your affiliate promotions so you can pinpoint
exactly which of your campaigns are making
you money.

The feature has actually been live for a few
days now, but as we had quite a few requests
for this, I wanted to make sure everyone knew
it was ready...

It's simple to use and you can find more details
in the 'News' section under the 'More' menu.

We have also corrected a few minor bugs such
as the marketplace search errors and the affiliate
reports section.

Right now we are working on an extensive help
center which will show you how to get the most
out of all the features of the site and answer
some of the common queries we receive.

Also look out for a coming marketplace revamp
which will make it easier to find the product
you're looking for and allow you to get lots of
exposure for your products without having to
be in the top 10.

All that and more coming soon...

As always, I'd love to hear your ideas on how
to improve the site. Let me know in the forum,
login now at:

Jef jefry

NOTE: Please remember to pay any outstanding
fees you owe us!

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